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Damien Witkowski business consultant for the Nufocus strategic group.

Originally from France, Damien has held positions of increasing responsibility in the operations sector, then in training, in complex work environments, constantly changing and where uncertainty is permanent.


Holder of a master's degree in engineering from France and numerous qualifications in planning or continuous improvement, Damien is also the author of the book “simple and coherent management” and of several articles published in the management review (HEC  montreal).


He has also given numerous trainings and conferences.

Assuming the exercise of management in the management of organizations and human structures of varying sizes has always been for him, both a great source of satisfaction and a source of inspiration to find factors for improvement and apply them. This is how he developed great faculties of adaptation, decision-making and innovation. Arriving in New Brunswick three years ago with his family, Damien was quickly able to grasp the added value he could bring to businesses: improving performance, without necessarily doing more, but doing better.


For this, he advocates simplicity, consistency and realism as the keys to this new way of doing things and, consequently, as prerequisites for success. This vision led him to join the NuFocus strategic group as a business consultant.  


Damien brings great value in the execution of strategies, helping to identify priorities, allocate resources and establish action plans. In addition, he offers great expertise in strategic planning and leadership. He derives great personal and professional satisfaction from this work, in particular thanks to the wealth of complementary expertise of NuFocus consultants, but also thanks to exchanges with his clients and the feeling of providing real added value to companies.


Attached to the human wealth of organizations, Damien is keen to share his knowledge and experience for the particular benefit of managers, but above all for the common good of companies. This is how he published various writings and animated several trainings or conferences.  

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