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Mentor depuis 2015

Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of CÉNB since July 2020, is a seasoned leader who drives change. He is a passionate person who establishes deep bonds with customers and their employees.

His vision for the CÉNB is to propel the New Brunswick economy by rallying all the Francophone organizations that have a role to play for the economic future of our beautiful province.  

Gaëtan grew up in a small French-speaking village in northern New Brunswick before obtaining a degree in electrical engineering from the University of New Brunswick. A long-time loyal employee, he has worked in all areas of the NB Power Corporation. He held the positions of Vice-President in the Nuclear, Distribution and Customer Service divisions to end his career as CEO of NB Power (2010-2020).  

In 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Gaëtan was named one of the 50 best CEOs in the region by Atlantic Business Magazine, and as one of the most influential Acadians by the Acadie Nouvelle newspaper.  

He was a mentor for the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at the Wallace Mccain Institute. He was also a member of the boards of directors of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (Atlanta Regional Center), the New Brunswick Business Council and Plug'n Drive Canada, which promotes the use of electric vehicles. .  

Gaëtan is married to Karen Thomas and together they are the proud parents of four grown daughters. Three of the girls have degrees in either science or engineering and the fourth in criminology. He was also a marathon runner and intensive skating trainer for many years. 

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