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After a career in professional services with Fortune 500 companies, Roddy co-founded TKS in 2007.  

A technology professional services company, TKS has since experienced consistent growth and profitability, being ranked among the fastest growing companies in Atlantic Canada by Progress Magazine in 2010 and again in 2013. In 2014, TKS merged with TSi Auto Solutions, a long-time customer, in order to optimize their product and service offering.  

Now in charge of TKS as a separate entity, Roddy is passionate about the technology industry and the growth of this sector in our region. He is active in his community, supports and invests in local start-ups, mentors people who are in the early stages of their career or business, and believes in lifelong learning.  

He is the former president of TechImpact, a private association of companies focused on the development of information technologies in Atlantic Canada. He is also a past Chairman of the Board of Directors of Venn Innovation, a group of leading tech entrepreneurs and stakeholders who support innovation-based economic development.  


About Tech Knowledge Solutions


Tech Knowledge Solutions is an Atlantic Canada-based technology services and solutions provider specializing in project management, solution architecture and optimization, software development and quality assurance. With clients in the United States and Canada, TKS also provides bespoke software and IT service solutions to support and augment existing technology departments to meet their business needs. 

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