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Mentor depuis 2021

Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué holds a doctorate in chemistry from the Université de Lille and a master's degree in engineering from the École centrale de Marseille. She has dedicated her career to establishing links between the academic world and its industrial partners, from fundamental applied research to technological innovation and its economic, environmental and societal repercussions. 

After 15 years in the research department of large private companies (AkzoNobel and L'Oréal). Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué has been involved for nearly 10 years in the development of collaborative university research in France as general director of the Fondation partenariale de l'Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and in Canada with Mitacs.

She has created several companies and is still a member of the board of directors of companies in France and Cambodia. 

She is currently the director of the Innovation Support Office at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the Université de Moncton, where she continues to design and develop collaborative research strategies based on best practices of public-private sector partnerships and to implement these practices with researchers. 

Valérie Bonnardel-Vacqué is a member of the NSERC Council. 

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